Edward Ropple
Email: ed.ropple@gmail.com
WPM - A Windows Package Manager

WPM is a project to bring one of the strongest aspects of Linux systems to Windows users: a wealth of quality, free/open source software installable from a central, client-based repository. Currently Windows users must seek out the software, download it, and install it; WPM intends to replace this with a client that acts as a "shopping mall" for free and open source software--all of it downloaded and installed with one click, and uninstallable the same way.

GSoC 2007 is over! My CVS on sourceforge is a little gnarly right now; if you'd like to access it you can find it at the SourceForge project page (it won't be at that address long, I'll be moving it to Google Code). If you'd like less user-hostile versions, check out the latest binary or the snapshot of my development environment, with code and the project files to compile it.

This site may be moving to my university's servers in the near future.

Essays and papers regarding the future implementation of WPM. Implementation
Any downloadable code related to WPM.

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